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Do you have fractured, chipped, or cracked teeth? If so, Juan Figueroa, DDS, at Dental Care of Deerfield Beach in Florida can restore your smile and improve its appearance by placing a dental crown over your injured tooth. The high-quality crowns Dr. Figueroa uses to restore your tooth’s shape, size, and strength. For any additional questions, call the office today or schedule your appointment online.

Crowns Q & A

What’s a dental crown?

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A dental crown is a prosthetic cap that Dr. Figueroa places over your damaged, cracked, or decayed tooth to restore its function, strength, and improve the aesthetics of your smile.

Dental Care of Deerfield Beach uses dental crowns for the following situations:

  • To cover severely discolored teeth
  • To restore a broken tooth
  • To protect a weak tooth from breaking
  • To hold a dental bridge together

Regardless of whether your tooth is cosmetically or structurally damaged, Dr. Figueroa and his team can find a way to save your natural tooth and cover it with a crown.

What steps are involved in preparing a tooth for a crown?

The full process of preparing your tooth for a permanent crown requires two visits to Dental Care of Deerfield Beach. During the first visit, Dr. Figueroa examines the tooth in question along with possibly taking X-rays to check your jaw bone and the roots of your tooth. After the oral exam, he numbs your tooth and the surrounding gum tissue to ensure your comfort throughout the procedure.

After the area is numb, Dr. Figueroa files your tooth down from all sides and reshapes it to make room for the crown. Following this, he takes impressions of your teeth to ensure your crown fits perfectly. Because it takes around two weeks to make your permanent crown, Dr. Figueroa makes a temporary one to cover and protect your tooth in the meantime.

When you come back to the office, Dr. Figueroa replaces your temporary crown with the permanent one making sure the fit and color are perfect.

How do I care for my dental crown?

Crowns last on average between 10-15 years if you take care of it just like you would your natural teeth by practicing good oral hygiene habits. Dr. Figueroa recommends you make sure you avoid habits such as clenching or grinding your teeth, chewing ice, or using your teeth as an opening tool.

To learn more about crowns and how they can aesthetically improve your smile and your oral health, call Dental Care of Deerfield Beach or schedule your appointment online today.