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Do you suffer from tooth loss and feel self-conscious because of the gap or gaps in your smile? If your answer is yes, then you can rest assured that at Dental Care of Deerfield Beach in Florida, skilled dentist, Juan Figueroa, DDS, has a solution for you called a dental bridge. A dental bridge fills a gap in your smile through the use of a prosthetic tooth or teeth connected on the sides by dental crowns. For further information on bridges and how they can help you achieve your best smile, call the office or schedule your appointment online.

Bridges Q & A

What’s a dental bridge?

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A dental bridge is made to fill a gap in between your teeth through the use of one or more false teeth, called a pontic. Your false teeth are connected on each side by two crowns, known as an abutment. In the case where there are no healthy adjacent teeth, Dr. Figueroa may recommend you use a dental implant instead.

There are a variety of reasons for dental bridges, such as:

  • Providing functionality and aesthetics
  • Allowing you to eat and chew normally
  • You’ll be able to speak correctly
  • Preventing your surrounding teeth from shifting

By not replacing your missing teeth with a bridge, you’re risking atrophy of your jaw bone. In turn, this can lead you to lose some of your facial structure.

What are the different dental bridges?

Dental Care of Deerfield Beach offers two state-of-the-art dental bridges, including:

Fixed bridge

A fixed bridge is a great permanent solution for people who have missing teeth and haven’t suffered from too much atrophy in their jaw bone. This solution involves placing a prosthetic tooth or teeth in between two crowns.

Removable bridge

Removable bridges are a convenient solution that aren’t permanently attached to your neighboring teeth like with fixed bridges. Instead, a removable bridge is a prosthetic tooth or teeth attached to your adjacent teeth using clasps. This makes them easy to clean and less expensive than fixed bridges.

What’s can I expect during the dental bridge procedure?

To begin, Dr. Figueroa injects a local anesthetic at your procedure site to create a pleasant and painless experience. He then re-shapes your abutment teeth allowing room for crowns to be placed over them. Afterwards, his staff takes impressions of your teeth to create a model for your dental bridge. In the meantime, Dr. Figueroa provides you with a temporary bridge to protect your teeth.

On your second visit, he removes your temporary bridge and places your new permanent bridge on your teeth.

Dental bridges provide a life-changing experience since they improve your oral health and reshape your smile. To hear more about how they can help you, call Dr. Figueroa and his staff at Dental Care of Deerfield Beach today or schedule your appointment online.